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Truck Driver Traffic Rider 3D


Work as a big city truck driver and transport all kind of heavy cargo on your stunning American trucks. In Truck Driver Traffic Rider 3D; get tree logs from jungle, load them on your loader truck and drive to the city parking. Sit behind the steering wheel of grand cargo truck for some extreme driving. Climb hill & mountain like a driver pro. Park the log truck at construction site; fold sleeves and get ready for tough labor. Operate concrete mixer and drive big rig trucker to quarry site with this American truck simulator 2016.Perform the duty of a fanatic cargo transporter in wild city traffic. Drive all kind of stunning trucks through the forest & over the mountain to transport cargo. Load your car trailer by driving cars on the delivery truck. Operate loader crane to load freight on the trailer. Steer the oil & petrol filled heavy vehicle in this cargo simulation. Live adrenaline rush with the exciting American truck trailer sim.
Truck Driver Traffic Rider 3D Features:
• Amazing Experience of Cargo Transporter• Real driving physics with Smooth Steering & Lifting• Transporting tree Logs, oil tanks, Cars and More• Thrill of Driving on Hills, Mountains and Forests• Stunning 3D graphics & city Environment
Enjoy detailed big rig trucker game with multiple transportation missions. Fanatic cargo driver pro; drive oil trucks to oils refinery, carry tree logs from the forest and deliver in city market. Drive on complex & challenging mountain steep tracks and use your parking school expertise to park heavy vehicle at impossible parking space. Be an expert transport trucker and complete challenging gasoline truck delivery missions with this amazing cargo sim 2016.